FAQ and how to's for sellers

  You're an artist, or crafts person, and you want to turn your talents into gold... well you have come to the right place.

NonStopCraft focuses specifically on South African crafters, our goal is to create a platform that allows you, the creator, to focus on what it is that you do best - create and make beautiful things!

We focus on taking care of as much of the process as possible, while offering you a platform to sell your wares. It's completely FREE to sign up and load your products, you only pay us a small commission when you make a sale.

What is the cost?

The commission is 10% of your selling price (now that you know, you can work it into your price), so for every R100 in sales you make, R10 comes to us and R90 goes to you.


What is the 10% commission fee for?

We use this 10% to do many things, including cover the costs involved with the upkeep of the website. Payout fees for banking when paying you your earnings, as well as fees for social media marketing campaigns.

 Wow! So much for so little, how do I sign up? First go through the below checklist and make sure you have everything you need ready to go, once you have all of the below, watch the videos that follow on how to set up shop, and to upload your products.

What do you need to get started?

For your store:

1. A name for your store

2. A logo - preferable 165 pixels x 165 pixels

3. A profile picture (optional) preferably 185 pixels x 185 pixels

4. Your banking details (South African bank accounts only)

For your products:

1. Product images 1024x1024 & its size must be less than 15MB - at least one image

2. For digital products with more than one file, your files must be in a zipped folder, as you cannot load more than one download per product

3. For single file products: PDF / JPEG


Here's a quick video to show you how to sign up and get started by setting up your profile.


That sounds great, so how do you get paid?

We make bulk payments of all your sales, out to you, once a week on a Wednesday, on the week after your sales. What does that mean?

We calculate our sales weeks from a Saturday to a Friday. All sales made by your store from Saturday to a Friday, will be paid out to you on the following week's Wednesday.

How do you get paid?

When you sign up, there will be a form for you to supply us with your banking details (South African Banks accounts only), fill in the form, and your sales will be paid to you via EFT (electronic funds transfer). 

Here is a quick video to show you how and where to fill in your banking details



What can I sell?

If you made it, you can sell it. You cannot sell products made or supplied by anyone else, only you. These are your handmade with love goods.

What do we class as handmade?

Were you inspired to create something, then you grabbed the tools you needed and turned your idea into something physical? A artisan sauce, or a carved wooden toy, or a knitted shawl? Then it's handmade, and you can sell it with us.

But it doesn't stop there... we also love handmade digital products!

What's that?

It's the same process as the above, except that the tool you used to create your goods is an electronic device, like a computer, phone or tablet, and the end result is a beautiful digital product, such a pattern, stencil, clipart, artwork, music, photography, etc. - just make sure that products with multiple files are place in a zipped folder, ready to upload.

Here's a quick video that shows you how to go about creating your products.


What about shipping for physical products? 

When clients place their orders, a shipping fee is automatically added for physical products. When you receive your weekly EFT payment, it will include these delivery fees.

For domestic delivery (within South Africa), the amount is R100 for every 5kg being shipped (so make sure you fill in the correct weight for your products)  and R150 for every 2kg being shipped internationally.

Here's a list of Courier services you can contact for the best quote:

For local:

Pargo: Door to counter pickups and deliveries https://pargo.co.za/ 

The Courier Guy - book and pre-pay on their site https://www.xoc.co.za/

Postnet - Counter to counter (just pop down to your local postnet for assistance)

Aramax Drop off bins at your local Pick 'n Pay (R99.99 per flyer bag)

For international:

Sending parcels international via the South African Post office is really affordable - and strangely fast and trustworthy. Just make sure you send it as registered post so that you can get a tracking number.

Have we forgotten to cover something? Fill in the form below with your query and we will get back you you ASAP with what you need to know.